Me And My Wife Are Having So Much Sex

Me and my family loves nature so much as me and my wife decided to settle down in the country side so that we can enjoy nature from the day we are married through our retiring days, and we really loved having sex under the shades of the trees or at times we will intentionally camp out just to have that hot fucking night in the wild which is a few of our intimate adventures. Click here to know more about xxx.

There is a car to bring my kids to school with their nannies and a driver. As me and my wife shared one car which I personally drive, and I will bring her to her office and then I would go to mine and we can have a quickie at times in the basement of her building or she will give me a blowjob on the stretch of the express way which is really exciting and kinky.

Then by the end of the day, I would fetch her and we go home together or if we are feeling romantic, we would have a candlelit dinner for two in a nearby restaurant before going home, and at times while having dinner her foot would be on my trousers unzipping me and rubbing my hard cock under those table cloths, so when we are both really into it, we will have another sexual intercourse in the car before heading home.

I just really loved this lifestyle, I think I have more cum spurting out that the time to rest, but what can we do if we really have that much appetite for sex and we are both loving it so much. And my wife is one horny lady as well as equally attractive and she was so good in bed, and even in the car of in the public toilet as well.